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We request an immediate moratorium on certifying new charter schools in California, as they are draining funds from public schools and destabilizing school districts.

Charter schools not only discriminate against students with disabilities, especially those with severe disabilities, but also obtain disproportionate public funding for these students. Lacking robust conflict of interest rules, charter boards funnel public funds into private hands, directly harming communities already devastated by poverty and racism.

Yet local school districts have little authority to safeguard their fiscal health. A broken appeals system consistently overrules local school boards and fuels new charter growth and renewals.

Therefore, we ask our state legislators to immediately enact a moratorium on new charters until, at minimum, the 5 following fundamental changes are made to the 1992 Charter Schools Act:

1. Add adverse fiscal impact as a basis on which districts may reject charter applications.

2. Give locally elected school boards the sole authority to approve and renew charter school petitions.

3. Require charter schools to enroll students with disabilities (especially those with severe disabilities), English Language Learners, and Newcomers, in equal proportion to the enrollment of these groups of students in the district in which the charter operates.

4. Apply to charter school board members the same prohibition of conflicts of interest as apply to public school boards. *

5. Require charter schools to be more accountable and transparent and not force school districts to have to cede control of their facilities to charter schools.

* 1 down, 4 to go! This was signed into law on 3/5/19 with the passage of SB 126.

Educators for Democratic Schools is an organization of educators and their allies located in Oakland, California, who are committed to preserving and growing public education for all and fighting its privatization/charterization. For questions, email [email protected].

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Frances M. Beal
Decades ago many of us warned that charter schools were an insidious attempt to transfer funds from public education to a "privatized" scheme. The warning has now become reality, backed up by the facts.
Thomas Poppitz
Charter Schools were originally sold as a way to improve education. Instead they effectively offer massively discounted private schools to disproportionately privileged families. Time for reform.
Pamela Crawford
Raise the standards of ALL public schools to make charter schools redundant and unnecessary. California should be #1 in all public schools as it was before Prop 13.
Jack Kurzweil
Charter Schools, with rare exceptions, undermine the social good of public education as a social right.
Lianne M Morrison
As a public school educator, I know that our schools are seriously underfunded. Let's focus on improving education for all students, and for greater accountability for charter schools and their corporate backers.
Nancy M Friedman
Charter schools bleed money out of school districts that is desperately needed.
Jayne Nichols
Public schools for public education.
Marilyn Harryman
This is important! Excellent schools are critical to national survival. Charter schools have gone far beyond the scope of their original intent! They must be scaled back and carefully scrutinized.
We must strengthen our public schools at every level with competent teachers, student... show more
Miriam Zamora-Kantor
I signed the petition to change charter law so that local communities can have more control over their own public education and to prevent the privatization of public schools.

It is very important to sign the petition now because AB1505 is pending before the legislature right now and if your... show more
John Erickson
Good public education is crucial for our country's future.
Kristen Caven
It’s probably too late for an edit but I would remove the word “more” from: #5. {Require charter schools to be more accountable.)
Adrianne Aron
The public school and the public library gave me a life. When we take away from public education we take away the future for our communities. ==Adrianne Aron, Ph.D.
Kathleen Maloney
Charter schools support inequity and do not reflect the greater community since with a commonly elected school board.
Bill Freeman
All kids deserve well funded public schools.
Mike Parker
Charters are the leading edge of the corporate controlled privatization movement.
Charles Cornwell
Sometimes adding a charter doesn't make common sense. The locally elected school board should be able to analyze the situation and decide on a charter approval.
Joseph Borau
Public education was the foundation to my career. Our public school performs better than the charter on STAR test scores yet we lose our resources to the charter based on enrollment numbers. The charter school scheme is hurting our most vulnerable population..our kids.
Tania Hughes
For the future!
Elizabeth Pauw
I support public education. It is the foundation of our democracy.
Lee Hackett
I believe that strong public schools and a well educated community are essential for a healthy democracy.
Elizabeth Osuna-Jimenez
Because I believe public school education is important.
Janice Murota
We need to educate all our children which means strengthening our public schools. Allowing private corporations to rob public schools of funds to educate their narrow constituency is counterproductive and undemocratic.
Dorothea Dorenz
Instead of working to improve our public schools, the money is funneled away to schools that only teach those without learning issues and leave public school teachers without the reseources they need to cope with oversized classrooms with children who have special needs.
Dawn Fairbanks
Support public education! The funding is spare enough in this state, without diverting it to charter schools. Rules for charter schools are unfair and undemocratic!
Virginia Tibbetts
Charter schools are not public schools because their board is not elected and their meetings are not open to the public. Reform is needed immediately.
Steven Hixson
Charter Schools have damaged public education

Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the other forms that have been tried.

Winston Churchill

November 1947